Promoting Algae Based Materials

We are excited to partner with Algix, a leader in sustainable materials and a pioneer of algae bio-plastics. The benefits of algae-based materials go well beyond being a substitute for virgin plastic. Algae does an excellent job of sequestering carbon, taking it out of the air, and locking it away in a solid biomass. 1kg of Algix’s Bloom material is equivalent to 625 scuba tanks of air is cleaned of CO2 and 8,235 hours of smart-phone use offset.

The algae is collected from naturally occurring blooms that are often harmful to the surrounding environment. During algae harvesting, the algae is separated from the water and the clean, filtered water is returned back into the environment, helping restore the ecosystem. 1kg of Algix’s Bloom material is equivalent to 2,253 Liters of freshwater returned to the environment.

Founded in 2010 by Ryan Hunt and Mike Van Drunen, Algix began with the mission to use algae as a means of cleaning the environment while providing algae-based sustainable materials to the world. The algae is harvested globally and processed at Algix’s facilities in Meridian, Mississippi. The Bloom material is used by large brands in the footwear industry, including Adidas, Merrell, Aldo, Dr Scholl’s, among others.

The Bloom material is currently available as TPR, TPE, and EVA substitutes, between 10-40%. It is a soft-touch material perfect from yoga mats, coffee cup sleeves, spatula handles, and more.

The Algix team is dedicated to reversing the effects of water pollution by working with natural resources like algae to create sustainable materials, generate clean water, and maintain healthy ecosystems. Platform88 is excited to be a part of this initiative and explore applications within consumer product manufacturing, from hydration to outdoor gear.

To learn more about Algix and the Bloom material, check out this video.

If you’re interested in learning more about the material and its applications, please get in touch: [email protected]

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