Build Method

Our platform uses a well tested process that combines carefully vetted factories, industry experts, and our core merchandising hubs in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen. We can quickly assemble a team that fits your needs, and keep it on track through our online tools, and frequent on site visits and inspections.

Vetted Factories

Choosing a factory is almost as important as choosing a co-founder. At P88 we work with a core group of vetted factories that are committed to bringing innovation to the marketplace. We’ve spent several years carefully selecting our manufacturing sites in order to provide you with facilities that ensure the fastest and safest way to get into production. We continue to grow our manufacturing partnerships to service multiple consumer product categories. Our partner factories operate under our SupplierAgreement in order to protect your intellectual property. We ensure a combination of cutting edge technology, high quality standards, and ethical manufacturing.

Industry Experts

Several decades of manufacturing in Asia has produced thousands of industry veterans that are eager to join your team. At P88, we’ve enlisted industry specific experts that have produced products for some the world’s largest brands and retail chains. Need extra help understanding plastic injection technics, stamping, PCB fabrication, batteries, display panels, optics, or audio? No problem. Our experts will work with you and our factories to resolve engineering problems, prototyping reviews, design for manufacturing issues, and pilot production oversight. Similar to our factories, our experts operate under our Expert Agreement in order to protect your intellectual property throughout the

Merchandising HubS

Our merchandising hubs keep your project on track. We have multiple product teams that coordinate and provide oversight of the product development process. We use propriety, cloud based, communication software to manage all open tasks, discussions, sign-offs, and file sharing so that everyone is on the same page. Successful projects require frequent communication between team members, with clear and transparent discussion about the development progress. Through our hubs, we ensure that startups, experts, and factories, are properly aligned.

Small Batch Manufacturing

We understand that your first order might not require large-scale manufacturing. We currently have several facilities throughout China that can help with smaller production runs. As your product scales, we can easily transfer tooling and expertise to larger factories.

Intellectual Property Protection

We have partnered with some of the largest intellectual property firms in China. We have worked with them to understand the needs of the startup community and have developed a program of standardized services to assist in protecting your product.

Product Certification

Understanding product certification in North America and around the globe is critical for success. In order to help, we’ve partnered with Bureau Veritas to develop a unique program to assist new companies. With over 40,000 employees worldwide, they can ensure that you have access to all of the latest testing procedures and requirements for your market.