Plastic-Free Packaging Guide

In conversation with our partner SeaHive, an organization that promotes the use of plastic-free packaging, we have been looking into ways our clients’ goods can be packed and shipped without being covered in multiple layers of plastic. We prioritize the quality of the goods delivered, but we have found that this can be done plastic-free. Below are some of our suggested plastic-free packaging materials that are readily available within China.

  • Product packaging and printed inserts without plastic laminate
  • Tissue paper for protection inside the product packaging
  • Kraft paper twist ties for hanging displays
  • Carton and inner boxes made with recycled paper
  • Recycled kraft paper for protection inside carton box
  • Paper tape


We are focused on finding sustainable solutions while maintaining high-quality products. Please reach out to our team to learn more about how you can implement sustainable material and packaging solutions into your product line.


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