You have lots of questions. That’s understandable! We’re eager to talk through what’s on your mind. For now, please find answers to some of the most frequently discussed issues.

Is my project a good fit for Platform88?

We work with dozens of factories in Asia and can most likely find a resource that will work for you. We specialize however in consumer products for the home, small electronics, lighting, sporting goods, travel, pet and automotive categories.

Can Platform88 help us make engineering changes?

Yes! Most importantly, we can help you make changes that will ensure that your product can be made to scale.

How far along should my idea be before coming to Platform88?

Ideally, you should be 70-80% of the way finished. We can help you with the final stages, but would prefer that you should be most of the finished with your final design.

Does Platform88 charge project fees?

Yes. Depending on what services you require, we charge a monthly fee until the product is ready for production.

Does Platform88 charge for manufacturing?

Yes. Our goal is to help you manage your supply chain and operations on an ongoing basis.

Does Platform88 work on an Equity Model?

Yes. We understand that startups have limited funding. Depending on our level of engagement, we can waive our project fees in exchange for equity.

How is Intellectual Property Handled?

All intellectual property remains within your control and is fiercely protected by our factories and staff.